viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

En el Paseo Victorica - Partido de Tigre /Provincia de Buenos Aires

Pescadores en el remodelado Paseo Victorica. Partidode Tigre -Gran Buenos Aires.
A la derecha , un sector del edificio del Tigre Club, hoy Museo de Arte. Verano de 2013

(Técnica: Tinta y aguadas de acuarela en block de dibujo A5)

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IranAmaze dijo...

I had always heard that Iran is just a Muslim country with many mosques! Well, there is so much more into this carpet’s designs. Did you know how much Armenians, Georgians, and Chinese have done for this city’s progress through time? I got to experience it when I visited this Armenian neighborhood called Jolfa in Isfahan. It had the Vank cathedral at its heart!

IranAmaze dijo...

The Pink Mosque in Shiraz! In the morning, it seemed as if the light was dancing through those colorful glasses and created this pinky shade. There was a soothing feeling that I can’t describe in words. I must say it all felt like a dream I wanted to continue on…

IranAmaze dijo...

Since I only could get a week and a half off work, I decided to take this diverse 9-day tour that had all the places my grandparents mentioned in itself (Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, and Abyaneh).

IranAmaze dijo...

I closed my eyes and imagined a large crowd of different nations heading towards a grand palace. They are all nations under the ruling power of the ancient Persian Empire, the Achaemenid dynasty. In my dreams, I joined them and entered the Gate of the Nations to see the Emperor.

IranAmaze dijo...

I thought I could only experience the mysterious feelings of Indian temples in India. Bandar proved me wrong with the Indian temple at its heart.

Deny2deny dijo...

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rival agency dijo...

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GangStar dijo...

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Unknown dijo...

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beautyexpert dijo...

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Anónimo dijo...

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کد تخفیف میهن وب هاست dijo...

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کد تخفیف اکالا dijo...

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خرید شورت و سوتین dijo...

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Unknown dijo...

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Rida Usman dijo...

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loomina dijo...

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oabeans dijo...

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vali dijo...

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oabeans dijo...

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قیمت دوربین مداربسته dijo...

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قیمت دوربین مداربسته dijo...

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Unknown dijo...

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Farid Lotfi dijo...

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elham dijo...

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arta dijo...

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Unknown dijo...

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